May 7th to May 13th, 2017

It’s less a question of whether or not justice is being obstructed than it is a question of whether or not the Republican Party is full of cowards willing to sacrifice core values for policy goals seemingly designed to screw over the little guy, I suppose.

Trump’s fury over the Russia probe involved him screaming at television coverage of the probe. Nobody better ever tell me again that women are too emotional to lead.

An overhead view of the fallout as the White House’s half-baked narrative dissolved in the rain of Trump being constitutionally unable to let anyone else take the credit.

I’ve largely fallen off the Saturday Night Live bandwagon (though I’ve been considering working up a Stefon cosplay for FlameCon, since he holds a very significant place in my heart and history), but this Melissa McCarthy promo is the only politically related thing that made me smile all week:


Game developer Joffe shares how watching The Kids in the Hall as a kid taught her about queer history and normalized queer people, which helped her on her own journey, largely due to the comic influence of out gay comedian Scott Thompson. Thompson recently retweeted this, which was lovely. It’s a really lovely piece.

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