April 10th to April 16th, 2017

Happy belated Easter, to those who celebrate.

Sarah Ellison breaks down how the White House is, well, breaking down, along the lines of Houses Kushner and Bannon. All of this bumbling backstabbing would be hilarious if it didn’t affect real people’s lives.

Trump’s policy reversals are likely a product of the fact that Trump knows very little about governing and even less about the process of, say, learning from one’s mistakes or people more informed than oneself. The office of President requires a steadfastness of policy to survive the sheer stress of it—and Trump lacks that steadfastness.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner explores the world of Goop-approved spa treatments, which seems like an excuse to rag on expensive treatments of dubious medical benefit, but actually turns out to be a moving examination of why we put ourselves through this:

It seems that the further we go with fancy and intricate treatments, the more we’re engaging in a ritual effort to make ourselves pure again. And this is something that has a lot of implications for how we feel about ourselves as women, particularly as we age. I don’t mean how our bodies look and work differently as we get older, but how we think of ourselves as whole people who have a history, people who have made mistakes, people who have eaten a cheeseburger on occasion, people who have loved the wrong people and have been imperfect in a way that feels unforgivable. In my journey through detoxification, I didn’t find that these treatments were just attempts to be young again. No, they were attempts to be new.

I’m always fascinated by how rituals that were previously religious have been secularized, and this is definitely one of them.


2 thoughts on “April 10th to April 16th, 2017”

  1. Ooh, I love that quote about feeling new again. I have never been a spa treatments person — I don’t like strangers touching me — but she’s gotten at something very fundamental there. I realized today that I had made a minor, but very stupid, mistake in an email I sent yesterday, and I’m just circling around and around and around it in my head and wishing to be washed clean of it.


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