March 19th to March 25th, 2017

I’ve been sick since Thursday. I’d apologize for the lateness, but isn’t howling into the void always timely?

File this under “OFC”: Paul Manafort definitely worked for a Russian billionaire to advance Putin’s interests. Does bitter laughter keep you young or make you old?

This piece about German surburbia and xenophobia introduced me to the concept of “negative identity”, i.e., the root reason why there are actual humans on this earth who ask “well, why isn’t there a white history month?”

The white, blue collar voters who voted for Trump don’t want universal health care that they have to share with those kind of people; they want the kind of health care that comes with the kind of well-paying working class jobs that were thicker on the ground after World War II.

Oh, speaking of jobs—factories in the South are trying to compete with overseas manufacturing and killing people.

And the greatest news of all from last week—Republicans, despite controlling the government, couldn’t repeal Obamacare due to internal strife and, you know, winging a bill they should have been working on for seven years. Here’s a round-up:

At Buzzfeed, Katherine Miller points out that living under a Trump presidency means that we are experiencing election-level political intrusion and overload every day.

I avoided Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s GQ profile of Tom Hiddleston for a while (I thought it would be too adulatory), but it’s actually a really interesting piece. Brodesser-Akner approaches him sincerely but with appropriate levels of shade.

This Economist article about the, well, humanity of animals is fascinating. It goes through the most popular metrics of what divides a human from the other animals and explores how the answers are in shades of gray. I was thinking about this last weekend in terms of how aliens might view us, and this article just wandered into my field of view as if summoned.

Alison Willmore tears into major motion pictures (like Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, and Star Trek Beyond Clare’s Interest) that use barely there gestures towards LGBTQ inclusion to promote interest in their films rather than… LGBTQ inclusion in films.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli got married on Saturday! I’m having such a reaction to this wedding that I didn’t think possible that’s far beyond simply “BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE IN LOVE!” Like, I didn’t really have role models or aspirational figures growing up, for a variety of reasons. The experience of seeing another person and thinking “THAT’S IT! I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT!” is extremely new and almost alien to me. So being able to see Morelli in her gorgeous Siriano capesuit and think, “Oh, of course, that’s what I’ll wear if I ever get married, and I hope I’ll be that happy” is just such a novel experience. And a good one.

And, lastly, this beautiful, strange video makes my heart feel whole:


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