March 12th to March 18th, 2017

Preet Bharara was the U.S. attorney for Manhattan and was fired after he refused to quit at the beginning of last week. I’ve reached the point in this administration that every new twist and turn only generates bitter laughter from me, but the sheer transparency of firing the U.S. attorney in the city where Trump’s business holdings are headquartered in order to replace him? Are you McFreaking kidding me?

The GOP health care replacement will cause 24 million people to lose their health insurance in exchange for $337 billion dollars of savings. Which just goes to show you what they really care about.

Rebecca Solnit on why giving up is not an option, and how protesting is imperative in the long view of history.

Secularization, especially on the right, has made politics more racist and nationalist.

Representative Gwen Moore’s communications director shares what it’s like being on the receiving end of all of those calls—and how they’re working.

This article is five years old, but it’s wildly important now—the middle-class welfare state benefits from policies designed to be so invisible that the recipients might not realize that they are receiving government assistance. Which is how you end up with people who don’t realize they’re on Obamacare and vote against their own interests.

I follow Senator Franken on Twitter because it makes me happy. Here’s a great profile on him.



Does anyone know how to dress like an adult anymore? I struggle with this, sartorially, as I eschew blue jeans and t-shirts and discover how geared the clothing lines I can afford are towards that sort of nebulous forever young like.

And hand in hand with that, a piece on ageism in the tech industry against older workers. It’s in service to the myth that the only sure bet in tech is young talent that will work themselves to the bone, which leaves experienced adults with, like, families and spouses and interests out in the cold.

So apparently Thinx is a terrible place to work out where the feminism of their ads is not practiced in private.




2 thoughts on “March 12th to March 18th, 2017”

  1. That Thinx piece made me so sad — I love the idea of their product, and the fact that they specified “women or any period-having humans” in their ads, and it really bums me out that they’ve got such a hostile, harass-y work environment. CAN’T WE HAVE ANYTHING NICE IN THIS WORLD CLARE.


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