February 26th to March 4th, 2017

My Greatest Scrabble Board EverAnne Helen Petersen turns an eye towards Ivanka Trump and her deeply narrow concept of the new woman.

Linked in Petersen’s piece is Helen Sheumaker’s blog Style of Resistance, which is all about “…how everyday people use personal adornment and material culture to resist the dominant power in society”. I’ve gone through a few posts and been fascinated—her writing on the implications of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is particularly interesting.

Jacob Clifton on the downfall of PewDiePie and how online spaces can function as echo chambers for young white men.

White House staffers leaked the news that Sean Spicer tried to check their phones for signs of leaks to catch leakers, which is a prime example of the ouroboros nonsense of this administration.

A southern Illinois town that went overwhelmingly to Trump is now shocked that a gentleman who was a pillar of their community has been deported. It’s infuriating to watch this town try to exceptionalize this man, rather than face the fact that they themselves supported such inhumane treatment.

The Resistance would do well to learn from progressive activists in red states. 

Misogyny is alive and well, as you all know–even in progressive circles.

Related: men may be in more leadership positions because men are socialized to be confident… which implies competence when there’s none to be had. 

Baka Bukas is the first wlw romance film released in the Philippines, and it looks so sweet.

At The Huffington Post, Michael Hobbes explores loneliness, mental illness, and drug use in the gay community. I found this piece fascinating, resonant, and a reminder to get my sorry hide to more Gay Geeks of New York events. There’s a lot of good observations to parse here, but I was struck most by how the mainstreaming of gay life has resulted in the last bastions of gay-specific spaces being explicitly sexual instead of inclusively communal.



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