February 12th to February 18th, 2017

RestaurantL Green Tea Tiramisu Skipped a week, skipped a beat, keep moving forward. All I can quite manage right now, it seems. My major joy at the moment is Good Dogs, the @dog_rates game, which is perfectly suited for satisfying the reward center in my brain while I listen to podcasts.

A spot of hope from Corey Robin at Jacobin.

The Super Bowl is far behind us, since every week lasts a decade in this new administration, but this piece on how the rise of Trump has caused even the most saccharine, basic “we’re all immigrants!” Americana narratives to seem reactionary is interesting.

David Frome on autocracy, a possible future, and how to resist:

Those citizens who fantasize about defying tyranny from within fortified compounds have never understood how liberty is actually threatened in a modern bureaucratic state: not by diktat and violence, but by the slow, demoralizing process of corruption and deceit. And the way that liberty must be defended is not with amateur firearms, but with an unwearying insistence upon the honesty, integrity, and professionalism of American institutions and those who lead them. We are living through the most dangerous challenge to the free government of the United States that anyone alive has encountered. What happens next is up to you and me. Don’t be afraid. This moment of danger can also be your finest hour as a citizen and an American.

This article about schools food-service director Rhonda McCoy going above and beyond to provide nutritious food to the students her schools serve is amazing for both its bureaucratic detail and the fact that Republican politicians seem to value ideology over feeding children, threatening McCoy’s work. 

The Women’s March organizers have announced the day of the Day Without a Woman—a general strike for American women. It will be held on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

Teen Vogue breaks down how presidential impeachment works. Just. You know. FYI.

At Zed, ShonFaye explains why a gay far-right even exists:

That the same liberation discourse that advanced the visibility of and respect for white gay people in British life was, in the same moment, laying the foundations for an oppositional relationship between ‘gay’ and ‘Muslim’ (and by extension ‘gay and black/brown’) which can now be exploited by the Right is a troubling idea. But it is important in understanding why so many gay people now feel the rights of refugees are an infringement on their own. Unconsciously, ‘gay’ was being constructed as white, documented and secular by default, which requires the suppression of attention on those who simultaneously experience queer and raced identities.

Supporting the Trump family’s lifestyle is going to cost American taxypayers a fortune, on top of being a logistical nightmare.

I’ve been chewing on Shannon Keating’ article “Can Lesbian Identity Survive the Gender Revolution?” I’ve been identifying more as gay rather than queer lately, which seems to be counter what seem to be happening in the queer community. And Keating particularly lays out the reasons why queer folk of my generation (and not, thank God, just me) might feel like they don’t need to seek out queer community—which, of course, is damaging to the queer community and to the queer person themselves.

(And on top of that, my faint but persistent desire for community warring with my far more ferocious need to not to be a bother.)


4 thoughts on “February 12th to February 18th, 2017”

  1. I loved that article on school lunches. I have a young cousin who has been working for her local school district’s cafeteria for a year or so now, and it’s interesting to see all that goes into making healthy school lunches happen.


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