January 15th to January 21st, 2017

Women's March: SignageI was superstitiously quiet about this, but I did go to the Women’s March in DC on Saturday. It was one of the first times I’ve felt real hope since November, knowing that such a massive demonstration was just the first salvo in the Resistance.

More tools for the Resistance:

This article about the power of incremental care in health care, versus the overvaluing of astonishing, high-risk, high-reward procedures, is useful as a metaphor for the incremental political work we have to do in the coming years.

The application window for the Point Foundation’s Funding for LBGTQ Students closes next Monday. (It’s for undergraduate and undergraduate studies.)

At Mother Jones, Preston Mitchum shares what the LBGTQ community can do to resist the Trump agenda, especially rooted in a racially inclusive approach towards queer community.

Why are progressives being asked to be empathic towards Trump voters (who, at best, rate their economic comfort above the safety of others) when progressive and liberal politics is inherently empathetic and their politics is… not?

Abortion access in the South is undoubtedly going to get dire over the next few years. Please consider financially or physically supporting clinics that provide reproductive care in the South.

Trump and co. are planning to reduce the federal budget by slashing programs like the National Endowment for the Arts (so, NPR), the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (so, the PBS Newshour), and several Violence Against Women programs.

So you just got back from a Women’s March this weekend… what next? Lily Herman walks you through it.

Rebecca Traister on the Women’s March:

The women’s movement has survived not in spite of its cacophony, but because of it: Because those who have pushed the movement from inside to change and grow and be better — even when they don’t always agree on what better means — have helped us meet the shifting forms of inequity from era to era. The women’s movement has won women’s rights to self-determination, to economic and educational opportunity, to sexual freedom, to reproductive autonomy, to professional opportunity, to legal protection from violence, rape, assault, discrimination, and harassment. And on Saturday, today’s iteration of the women’s movement will give body and voice and form to those who resist this incoming president and his attempts to roll back the rights of women, people of color, and immigrants.

The official Women’s March is now organizing 10 Actions/100 Days, which is a program of ten concrete actions to take every ten days to resist the Trump agenda.

Geeks Out has successfully Kickstarted Serving Pride, a dinner party guide intended to teach participants about American queer history. I could have definitely used something like this as a kiddo, so make sure to get your copy when it’s available. (Digital copies will be free, but buy a print copy!)

refuge restrooms is a map that allows users to map gender-neutral and/or single-stall restrooms in their area.


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