January 7th to January 14th

Duane Reade: OPI Madam PresidentThe very useful term white fragility—for the defensive maneuvers white people will take to avoid being called racist even when they are behaving racistly—has been making the rounds lately. I find it dovetails neatly with this article about Racists Anonymous, a group started by the Reverend Ron Buford in which people accept the fact that we’re all racist in order to do the work of fixing that in themselves.

Is the current state of affairs the inevitable result of the collapse of extreme capitalism?

Did you know that Goodnight Moon is a wlw love letter? 

Anne Helen Petersen examines Patriots’ Day through the lens of Amy Nicholson’s “docbusters“: films about recent current events that tell black-and-white morality tales to the detriment of history and journalism.

Protect yourself online.

The Wayback Machine is now a Chrome app!

Many of us will be protesting next weekend, so know your rights as a protestor in the United States.

And, to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, acquaint yourself with the history of how MLK’s politics have been scrubbed to be more palatable and politically useful to Republicans. Learn how we can resist from the Civil Rights Movement. And read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail“.

Precious little media consumption this week, so no real updates beyond having the Nerdy Nummies theme stuck in my head.


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