December 11th to December 18th, 2016

Rogue One: Sunny Scarif Is the weather? The political climate? My own desperation for a fresh new year? The stress of the holidays? Whatever it is, I find it increasingly difficult to keep my head up out of the swamps of apathy and helplessness these days, which is less of a complaint to others and more of a note to myself. (After all, this information is only useful to me and utterly irrelevant to anyone else.) Hence why I missed posting last Sunday. I kept meaning to make it up, and then suddenly it was Thursday and I realized there was little point.

There’s so much to do to fight against Trump and company that it can get overwhelming. And there’s a lot of good information and bad information about how to fight against Trump et al floating around. I’ve decided to try and focus on the following resources in my particular fight, for both effectiveness and sanity’s sake:

This was an interesting read regarding white people who rely on Obamacare who nonetheless voted for Trump.

This week, outside of the usual Kitchen Nightmares bingeing, I watched two low-budget horror films—The Good Neighbor, which managed quite a solid twist, and A Christmas Horror Story, which was well dark—and saw the long-anticipated Rogue One. Tragically, Rogue One is middling at best, considering that its best angle still contains the fact that a diverse cast is sacrificed for the benefit of white heroes. (Is that really a spoiler? I don’t think so.) There’s a great deal of potential in it (I would 100% watch a version of Rogue One entirely from Bodhi Rook’s perspective), but it’s too unwieldy. The cameos and homages are nice, I will say. I did enjoy it, I must say, but it’s a haphazard, uncautious, and bleak film. More to come later, I hope, depending on the swamp levels.


2 thoughts on “December 11th to December 18th, 2016”

  1. Oh, Lord, I didn’t even think about the broader implications of what happens at the end of Rogue One in terms of what it means for this diverse cast etc. Ugh. I haven’t seen it yet, and I still want to because I have watched some press junkets and these are some extremely charming cast people. But yeah, I do not expect it to win my heart in the manner of The Force Awakens. When will Finn and Poe just kiss already.


    1. I consider it worth a paying watch, honestly—the business message that purchase sends is “yay diverse casts!!!” rather than supporting the last five minutes. But it still perpetuates that narrative, so it is the eternal double-edged sword. And it’s definitely nowhere near The Force Awakens.


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