November 20th to 26th, 2016

Connecticut: Skyscape

I have yet to visit my folks for the holidays and deal with the fallout of two big things—the election and the casual but unavoidable fact of my queerness—which I certainly hope I will deal with graciously without giving any ground. Captain Awkward contributor Valerie Aurora shares a primer for her Ally Skills Workshop for us all to use regarding the slow prowess of changing hearts and minds.

Here are six things you can do to help the Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors right now. And here are a list of numbers you can call to tell the police to stand down.

At The New York Times, Tina Rosenberg shares the wisdom of the Civil Rights Movement and what a modern, coalescing movement can learn from it.

“Don’t mourn. Organize.”

The Trans Relief Project is helping trans people get their passports updated ASAP before the new administration moves in. Consider donating if you can.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has enthralled a lot of people in fandom at the moment, but as charming and lovely as I find Ezra Miller, I can’t hook into it. Part of it is Johnny Depp’s involvement and part of it is just Harry Potter fatigue and Rowling (et al) crowding the open spaces on the map in which fandom blooms, as Alanna Bennett at BuzzFeed explains. And queer coding the villains doesn’t particularly help either.

Stay safe and stay outraged.


2 thoughts on “November 20th to 26th, 2016”

  1. Really, Ezra Miller charmed you? I had a hard time divorcing how creepy the relationship was with Colin Farrell from my feelings about the actor.

    …I have now googled him and discovered that he’s the same actor who starred in We Need to Talk about Kevin, and I have this vague recollection that he gave an absolutely unbearable interview once that turned me against him permanently. Does this seem like it might be true? He maybe is unbearably pretentious as a person? Maybe? Like the kind of person who would say douchey things about the High Line?


    1. I haven’t seen the film at all, but I’m fond of Ezra Miller because he’s pretty vocal and chill about being a queer working actor. He’s the first major queer actor to headline a superhero film (although queer actresses are found throughout X-Men).


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