September 4th to September 10th, 2016

Out And About: Cats

Well, it’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve managed to utterly lose my Easy Tiger card I was using as a bookmark. I trotted down to the Hallmark Store on my lunch break, only to find they were out of the two designs I wanted. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find another retailer soon, or a birthday card at Trader Joe’s I like enough to cut up. Shrug.

My adventures in Star Wars: The Clone Wars continue with the last episodes of the fourth season and the first four episodes of the fifth season: “Brothers,” “Revenge,” “Revival,” “A War On Two Fronts,” “Front Runners,” and “The Soft War.” I find the Darth Maul arc fascinating mostly to see Obi-Wan go from “dear God, how did he survive” to “I SHOULD HAVE CHOPPED YOU INTO A MILLION PIECES!!!” (I think this is how Revenge of the Sith happened.) But I find the terrorist/freedom fighter arc that starts season five off intriguing, because it gets at deeper issues regarding the morality and ethics of the Clone Wars. And since Saw reappears in Rogue One, after a life of hard knocks, I’m interested to see where he’ll go from here.

(Although, show, stop telling me that Ahsoka is into Lux. Leave that tiny lesbian Jedi alone!!!)

I’ve had Spotify Premium since last December, but I have barely been using it for my express goal of expanding my musical horizons. I have a folder of playlists of artists’ entire discography I want to listen to at work, but I only managed to do that for Asia and School of Seven Bells. (“Put Your Sad Down” is a marvelous song for energetic meditation, if you, like me, must surrender to the beat before you can calm.) I just get easily distracted and love repetition, which partially explains my musical taste. (The other part: watching I Love the 80s too much as an impressionable preteen.)

However, I broke out of that pattern yesterday when I realized that the Darkness had a new album, The Last Of Our Kind. Well, not new—it’s from last year—but new to me, a woman who owns their entire discography on CD. I spent the summer of 2012 alternating between Hot Cakes and Scissor Sisters’ Magic Hour while having a lot of feelings about Rock of Ages for Bowie knows what reason. (And I saw Star Wars properly for the first time that summer. What a grand summer!)

In any case, I listened to The Last Of Our Kind while running some errands, and grimaced at myself in the reflection of the window on the subway about how much I loved it. The Darkness, quite purposefully, strike at the exact same part of my brain that eighties hard rock and hair metal does, just with a lot more wit and self-possession. I mean, “The Barbarian” retells medieval English history and has two spoken-word segments. And that opens the album. “Sarah O’Sarah,” yet another light and winking romantic piece (like “English Country Garden”) is lovely and “Million Dollar Strong” is gloriously cruel. I even loved “I Am Santa”, which will go on my weirdo Christmas mix.



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